jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

I feel black and white

 Fucking empty black and white, coexisting of course with pastel colors.
Can't handle this on a daily basis. But I love flowers into an infinite symbol,
I love how the word below this text sounds, how your lips pronounce it and move swallowing enough air in, to exhale a sound all the sexy way out. Move like her, dream like them, and conquer taste with unknown themes. This is too harsh for creatures like us

Enjoy harshly but safely :)

fuckin adore your work, Landon Metz. his super web

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  1. wow! I love your blog, all of it! I am def following you!!! xoxo MUMU


  2. I love the photos :) really inspiring! kisses from girlsjutwannahavefun14.blogspot.com

  3. Me encanta tu blog <3 Sin duda te comienzo a seguir pero ya :)


  4. me encanta el post anterior!
    que ojazos!!